"Integrity means you can prove it. Character means you have integrity, and you never have to prove it."
~ Brad Raffensperger

Brad Raffensperger is a structural engineer and lifelong conservative who married Tricia, the love of his life, the same year Star Wars was released in theaters. Movies may not be the same these days, but Brad and Tricia have raised three children and now enjoy three grandchildren who often explain this new world to them.  Brad’s interest in politics began while watching the formation of the city of Johns Creek, and he ran for city council to protect the property values of homeowners. Three years later, he was elected to the State House of Representatives, where he served two terms before being elected Secretary of State. 

Brad founded and runs Tendon Systems, providing high-strength steel for construction projects, and owns and operates a specialty steel manufacturing company in Forsyth County, Georgia. As an employer, Brad is directly responsible for 125 employees, who count on his decisions for their living -a responsibility that drives the decisions he makes every day. 

Brad uses his business and personal principles as Georgia Secretary of State, and never wavers from his belief that every decision that matters must be made with integrity.

It was integrity that drove his decision to purchase and deploy modern voting machines that could be audited and verified all across Georgia. For the first time, it was possible to recount Georgia’s vote by hand, if necessary. When Georgia’s election results were questioned in 2020, The system Brad deployed was proven accurate after two recounts and a full audit. Georgia’s election results withstood public pressure and national scrutiny –because Brad Raffensperger had integrity to stand and protect Georgia voters.

Both voter registration and voter participation have soared under Brad’s tenure, with 95% of eligible Georgians being registered to vote, voter turnout breaking records year after year, and Georgia’s voter lists being recognized as the most accurate in the nation by the Heritage Foundation and others. There is no safer or more accurate election in the nation than Georgia because Brad Raffensperger has the integrity Georgia needs. 

Brad believes:

  • Only American citizens should be allowed to vote in American elections.
  • States, not the federal government, should run elections. 
  • Ballot harvesting should be illegal.
  • Elections should be auditable and transparent.