Meet Brad

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is a structural engineer and lifelong conservative who moved to Georgia in 1982 and founded Tendon Systems, a provider of high-strength steel for construction projects. As the CEO of a thriving company, Brad uses business principles to run the office of Georgia Secretary of State, including purchasing and deploying modern voting machines across the entire state that could be audited and verified, including a full recount by hand, if necessary. Voter registration has soared under Brad’s tenure, with 95% of eligible Georgians registered to vote, and Georgia’s voter lists being recognized as the cleanest in the nation by the Heritage Foundation.

Brad became interested in politics while watching the formation of the city of Johns Creek, and ran for city council to protect the property values of homeowners, and three years later was elected to the State House of Representatives, where he served two terms and was named having the “100% Conservative Voting Record” by Faith and Freedom Coalition before being elected Secretary of State.

  • No federal takeover elections—ever.
  • First Secretary to ban ballot harvesting
  • First Secretary to call for a non-citizen voting constitutional amendment
  • Supports common-sense reforms to the 1993 NVRA that are long overdue.
  • Supports voter ID and signature match requirements to ensure election integrity

Brad and Tricia have been married for more than 45 years and have raised three sons, now have three grandchildren, and attend North Point Community Church.